Unbundled legal services to meet your needs



expungement/certificate of relief

I can do everything from direct you where to find resources to DIY your expunction to determine your eligibility and file the petitions on your behalf.

I can also assist with licensing hearings and denials where a criminal record is at issue.

Learn more about clearing your criminal record.

name changes/gender marker updates

I can help with everything from pointing you to free resources to navigating the system for you.

Learn more about this process.


nonprofits and small businesses

Formation and start-up — I can help you sort through the requirements for the various entity types to ensure your organizations setup goes smoothly.

Learn more about starting a nonprofit.

Compliance — Once your organization is up and running, I can make sure you're always on top of what needs to be submitted where and when.

judicial bypass

I can assist minors seeking abortion services without parental consent in asking permission for their medical care from a judge.